The ACECA project present in the course of EEI that celebrates the Ministry for the Ecological Transition

The Ministry for ecological transition is organizing the 3rd edition of the course “Prevention and fight against invasive species in the river ecosystem”, which will be given by the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation at its offices in Merida from 11 to 15 November.

The teachers of the course are professionals in the field, specialized in the fight against certain invasive species such as the water hyacinth, zebra mussel, apple snail, Asian clam and bryozoans among others.

Officials from basin organizations and departments related to water and environmental management have attended the course.

One of the novelties of the course is the “Protocol of action between Spain and Portugal for the control of water hyacinth in the Guadiana River” which was developed within the ACECA project, a project co-financed with ERDF funds in the INTERREG V-A Spain – Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 program.

On November 12 the day was aimed at the invasive species water hyacinth, explained its biology, impact on the ecosystem, control methods and plant extraction. A master class was given “in situ” on the procedure of extraction with machinery and boats, explaining the protocol of action between Spain and Portugal in the fight against water hyacinth.