Portuguese Environment Agency: Visit to the ACECA project – Actions for the control and elimination of the water hyacinth in the transboundary section of the Guadiana river.

The Portuguese Agency of the Environment through its Department of Administration of the Hydrographic Region of the Alentejo (APA/ARH do Alentejo) inside the Project ACECA – Actions for the Control and Elimination of the water hyacinth in the transboundary section of the Guadiana river, financed by the Spain-Portugal Cooperation Program of INTERREG (POCTEP), as a partner in the project, is responsible for the elimination of the existing hole on the left bank of the Guadiana River, where the Monte da Vinha dam is located, in the province of Elvas.

This project, developed in partnership with the CONFEDERACIÓN HIDROGRÁFICA DEL GUADIANA (CHG), JUNTA DE EXTREMADURA (JEX), through the DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE MEDIO AMBIENTE (DGMA) and EMPRESA DE DESENVOLVIMENTO E INFRA-ESTRUTURAS DO ALQUEVA, S.A. (EDIA), aims to develop a plan to combat the invasive water hyacinth species (Eichhornia crassipes), by means of joint coordination actions between the administrations of both countries and with a protocol that unifies the criteria for action, in a transboundary section of the Guadiana River, with the extension of the river, the object of a project that is being developed downstream of Mérida, between the Montijo reservoir, in Spain, and the Alqueva reservoir, in Portugal.

Within the framework of this project, a technical visit of the national representatives of the Regional Unit INTERREG-POCTEP will take place on 21 October to the headquarters of the actions carried out by the Portuguese Environment Agency, I.P., to verify the work in progress.

It should be noted that the action implemented by APA within the framework of the project has a cost of 181,942 Euros and is financed by INTERREG-POCTEP to the tune of 136,457 Euros.