The “Arm Jamaco” is a lateral arm of river Guadiana river on its left bank, before it enters the city of Badajoz. This area, very altered by the strong anthropic activity it has suffered in recent times, represents at the same time a strategic point (river section before the city of Badajoz), so its restoration is intended to ensure that this section of the river fulfils important environmental and social functions.

Within the framework of the ACECA project, the Regional Government of Extremadura will implement the action “Pilot project for river restoration and improvement of the ecological state of habitats occupied by invasive exotic species in a small section of the Jamaco arm”.

The aim of the project is to restore the river and improve the ecological state of a small section of the “Arm Jamaco”, as a pilot test to develop a methodology that can later be extrapolated to other sections of the Guadiana River invaded by invasive exotic species. The aim of the actions is to study whether an improvement in the quality of the water and the ecosystem in general can contribute to reducing the density of water hyacinth populations.